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Chad M. Boustany D.D.S., M.S.

Who Is a Candidate for All-On-4?
Charleston, WV

Woman smiling after All-On-4 dental implants from Revive Dental and Implant Center in Charleston, WV.If you have several missing teeth, All-on-4 dental implants are a great alternative. While you might have heard about standard dental implants, All-on-4 dental implants are not quite common. They are an effective method of replacing missing teeth and use a unique technique different from traditional implants. Our experts at Revive Dental and Implant Center will help restore your smile by placing these implants in your jaw.

What is All-on-4?

All-on-4 is a dental procedure that only uses four denture implants to support a full set of dentures. With this procedure, you will have complete dentures and a strong anchorage based on four dental implants. In short, All-on-4 is a teeth replacement option where four dentures support the crowns. This process is beneficial because it is stable and can be done quickly. It helps restore your facial aesthetics and enhance your smile. Unlike traditional dental implants, All-on-4 implants have a stronger base that allows you to use them freely. This helps restore the overall function of your teeth.

Who Makes a Good Candidate?

All-on-4 implants are made from advanced technology that makes them quite effective in their function. Not everyone can get these implants, as various requirements must be met. Generally, people that can get All-on-4 implants fall into two categories: those with only a few teeth left and those that have lost their entire set of teeth (both on the lower and upper jaw). We advise patients with these conditions to consider getting All-on-4 implants. If you are looking for a reliable and cost-effective teeth replacement option, these implants could be of great help. With the All-on-4 procedure, you can get an entire set of new teeth on the same after the dental implants have healed. This will save you time and unnecessary expenses.

One significant benefit of these implants is that patients ineligible for traditional implants can get them. This means that if you are not a good candidate for traditional dental implants, you can still get All-on-4 dental implants. The main reason people fail to get traditional implants is inadequate jawbone density. Thankfully, such patients can still get All-on-4 dental implants. This is because All-on-4 implants are placed using advanced technology that makes them work even on people with depleted bone mass. Having said that, most people are candidates for this procedure. Before approving you for All-on-4, we consider several factors.

Good Oral Health

Good oral health is mandatory when looking to get All-on-4 implants. If you have any underlying conditions like gum disease, we will treat them first before we consider placing the implants. We will also check whether you are vulnerable to oral ailments like tooth decay or gingivitis. These conditions must be fixed first because they increase the risk of implant failure. Our experts at All-on-4 centers will use advanced technology to ensure all of these requirements are met.

Adequate Bone Structure

We will use a CT scan to examine your bone mass. Significantly low bone mass increases the risk of implant failure and could make you ineligible. While All-on-4 implants can work with low bone mass, cases of too little to no bone mass are risky. Remember that the incoming dental implants will need support from the bone to make them reliable. Our team will evaluate your bone mass and decide whether a bone graft procedure is required. Contact us for a comprehensive evaluation that will help answer all of your questions.

Good Overall Health

You must be in good overall health to qualify for All-on-4 dental implants. There are many health problems that increase the risk of dental failure. They affect or prevent the bone structure from integrating with the dental implants, making them weaker. Such implants can easily come out when you bite on hard food surfaces. Diabetes is a risky health condition for All-on-4 implants, as it affects the whole process. In fact, patients with diabetes are mostly ineligible for implants. Patients undergoing radiation therapy and those using antidepressants are also at a very high risk of having implant failure. If you have any of these health conditions, you may not be considered for an All-on-4 procedure.

No Smoking

Smoking can cause significant damage to your oral health as well as affect dental implant placement. This is because smoking affects the bone's healing ability and makes it hard to place implants. If you want to be considered for All-on-4 dental implants, you must stop smoking several weeks before the procedure. You should also avoid smoking several months after getting your implants. This gives them sufficient time to heal. You should also maintain high standards of oral hygiene to prevent damage. Brush and floss regularly to get rid of bacteria.

Benefits of All-on-4

There are many benefits of All-on-4 implants:

•  They Restore Your Bite - With dental implants, you can bite with the same force as natural teeth. This is because implants are anchored deep into the jawbone and can withstand high pressure levels. Other teeth replacement options can fail when too much pressure is exerted.
•  They Prevent Bone Loss - With missing teeth in your mouth, your jaw will significantly lose bone mass. This is because the jawbone relies on teeth to maintain its mass. Unlike other teeth replacement options, dental implants replace jawbone stimulation and help avoid the loss of bone mass. This keeps your mouth healthy and prevents oral conditions.
•  Little Risk of Cavities - One of the biggest benefits of dental implants is the fact that they can't get cavities. With artificial teeth, you need to care for them as they are susceptible to bacteria that cause cavities. This is not the case with dental implants. Dental implant material cannot decay; therefore, it keeps cavities at bay. With dental implants, you don't have to worry about getting cavities.

Schedule a Dental Implant Procedure Today

Are you looking to get All-on-4 dental implants? Our dentists at Revive Dental and Implant Center are ready to help you get dental implants that will make your smile glow. Call us at (304) 467-4265 and schedule your dental implant appointment today.
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